• Leasing management
  • Building management
  • Shopping center management
  • Operational marketing management


  • Legal aid
  • Consulting for acquisitions and divestments
  • Asset management
  • Evaluation and management of risks


  • Pre-marketing studies, benchmarking and analyses
  • Marketing/commercialization
  • Renewals
  • Maximization of lease values


  • Repositioning
  • Restructuration
  • Renovations


We manage and create value for your commercial real estate assets by focusing on financial performance AND customer satisfaction. By providing a full menu of services such as rental management, property management, technical management, work management, operational management, marketing etc. TERRANAE adapts each service offer to your needs. Every solution has two important points in common: positive financial results and exceptional customer care.


The success of a commercial complex depends not only on the place itself but also on the presence of quality tenants and their strategic distribution within the space. Terranae works with you to establish the ideal tenant mix and to market the premises until the leases have been signed. TERRANAE’s nation-wide success in managing and improving retail sites and most notably, our proven competency in marketing “turnaround” sites, places us in a unique position to provide investors with a solid plan to guarantee the success of their sites.

Our teams proactively reach out to brands and keep abreast of marketplace dynamics in order to develop the ideal mix of brands, which will ensure continued growth and customer satisfaction. Our customers rely on our in-depth knowledge of the needs of domestic and international brands, our benchmarking and analyses, and our professionalism. Our full service offer includes:

  • Prospecting
  • Negotiating
  • Lease writing
  • Signature of leases
  • Accompanying the installation of the tenant.

Whether upstream or downstream, in both marketing and re-marketing, we support both landlords and tenants in order to anticipate the movements of brands and maintain an asset valuation that is consistent with commitments and objectives.


We assist our clients in their asset arbitrage procedures: ideal timing of the transaction, preparation of the Vendor Due Diligence, the Investment Memo and the sales process, setting up the Data Room, answers to questions from interested investors accompaniment in legal negotiations …

TERRANAE has forged a network of potential buyers, from family offices to institutional investors. We also assist investors during the study phase of an acquisition: visit to the sites – tracking of operational improvements (expense budget, customer path), recommendations on the marketing strategy, 5 year business plans etc.


Breathing in new life to a center that is losing ground, aging or distressed. For some sites – services, events and good brands are not enough to stop the decline of turnover. We can assist in the formulation and implementation of successful turnaround strategies for distressed retail properties. (growth prospect and valuation before resale or sustainability of assets).

In brief:

  • Mobilize our expertise to give a second life to the site
  • Renovation management: AMO, architectural projects, works management• Legal management of the operating losses related to the works
  • Marketing and consulting – attracting and enhancing anchors, improving visibility of key tenants, weeding out low-volume, unhealthy, or unprofitable stores and attracting new tenants
  • Design / innovation
  • Property Management

As a result of our experience in managing successful turnaround projects, TERRANAE has understood the need to offer our services as experts in turnaround. We understand our customers’ needs. We have the references. We aim to be the best. Our ambition, your success.