From retail park to shopping center, TERRANAE designs the service offer with the customer’s needs and the complexity of the site in mind. Our approach, validated by the ISO 9001 certification, combines market analysis with a clear understanding of marketing issues and financial objectives. It is based on a three-step process:

  • Evaluation
  • Recommendations: what actions, according to what schedule, with what financial objectives?

• Presentation of the offer, the project team and financial terms and conditions

President and founder Anne-Sophie Maisonrouge, held management positions at Unibail and Altarea before creating Terranae in 2004.

For more than 20 years Anne-Sophie has been building her expertise in the management and turnaround of commercial real estate and has a proven track record for success in these endeavors.

In 2015, Guillaume Poitrinal, former Chairman of Unibail Rodamco, strengthened the capital of Terranae by taking a minority shareholder position through his family holding company Woodeum et Cie.

Present throughout France, our teams work in close proximity to the centers we manage. This proximity allows us to consistently identify areas for improvement or growth, retain quality tenants, as well as to control overheads and costs. This physical proximity and oversight is combined with rigorous and qualified customer reporting which enables TERRANAE to produce some of the best scores in the market.

Our objective will always be to increase your profit and to improve the value of your assets.

As a result of our experience in managing successful turnaround projects, TERRANAE has understood the need to offer our services as experts in turnaround.

We understand our customers’ needs. We have the references. We aim to be the best.

Our ambition, your success.