KR Media and Clear Channel have teamed up with the Celsa School to reveal some truths about shopping centers.

  1. The primary target of the shopping center has shifted from mainly women and mothers (74% women vs. 69% men) to young people (the only activity for young people more popular than shopping is going to the cinema.)
  2. People have different preferences: women prefer to stroll alone, men like to come as a couple (44%) while young people go there in groups (31%).
  3. One goes there with a specific goal … only for half of the visitors:
    • to buy (51%). For sales first (54%), then for shopping itself including gift purchasing (50%) and finally for food shopping (43%).
    • no specific purpose for 36% of visitors
    • 13% go with a goal and are not open to other opportunities.
  4. Choice, choice, choice: Whatever the target, it is the choice, followed by a special sale, and finally and least importantly – proximity that motivates the choice of the shopping center.

Source: KR Media, Clear Channel and CELSA – Methodology: 2,000 people, a representative sample of the French population, were surveyed online. A qualitative phase carried out by Celsa made it possible to observe observations on the ground. June 18, 2016 Tags: info market.